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FP-1: is a single camera mounting plate. Accommodates all current versions of PocketWizard Transceivers.

A Simpler Floor Plate

When I first started looking in to remote cameras, I saw what was out there and thought "What if?"

So, I decided to take a long hard look at what was currently available. I spent many hours designing and tweaking my current floor plate.

When it gets right down to it, what do we want from a floor plate? Compact, ease of use, simplicity and durability.

I have come up with a simple and practical design. With my floor plates you mount the tripod head of your choice and mount your remote receiver directly to the floor plate with the supplied machine screws. Basically, a set it and forget it system.

Once the remote receiver is securely in place there is no need to remove it to change batteries. The opening is designed to accommodate access to the battery door for easy access. For those of us that photograph events night after night, what could be simpler? At the end of the event just it pick-up and go. No need to break it all down. Tomorrow need to change batteries? No worries, just flip it over and go. What could be easier?

Compact? My single floor plate is merely 6" x 6" and at a ΒΌ" thick, it slides in to any camera bag when not in use.

Durability? Each floor plate is made from 1/4" thick aluminum with smooth and rounded corners.

Safety? Platform bottoms are provided to improve stability on uneven surfaces and will protect delicate flooring such NBA basketball courts.

Each plate is precision cut on a C.N.C. machine out of 1/4" thick aluminum for lightweight and durability. Then a flat black matte anodized surface is added to minimize glare and extend the life of your plate.